How to Become an Influencer with No Limits Sensuality

How to become an influencer with us

To be considered, you must:

  • agree to create and post content of the lingerie to your social media platforms using the hashtag #NLSLingerie
  • have your social media accounts set to public
  • have at least 5K followers on Instagram
  • tell us more about yourself by filling out an application
  • follow No Limits Sensuality on social media
  • be 18 or older 


What we look for: 

  • Passion
  • Are you passionate about lingerie? Do you give off positive vibes that will attract other lingerie lovers?

  • Consistency
  • Posting on a regular basis is important. We require that all of our influencers post on their accounts at least two times per week. 

  • Engagement
  • We don’t always choose influencers who have the most followers. Make sure your audience is engaging with you and you are responding.

  • Authenticity
  • We’re looking for original, authentic content that shows your personality and sense of style. These posts should come off naturally and express a genuine love for No Limits Sensuality's products.


    Perks of being an influencer for No Limits Sensuality:

    • Receive gorgeous FREE lingerie found only at
    • Be featured in our "Sensuality" blog series

    • Get sneak peeks at new products