Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain..thanks to No Limits Sensuality!

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain

Many people think that since I attend swinger parties ,and am currently on a mission to have sex with 1,000 men that I meet on Tinder, that I must be an anal sex pro, but just because I’m a slut doesn’t mean that I have a lot of anal sex.

To be honest I use to be scared of having anal sex, and before this whole COVID-19 quarantine started last year, I started having more and more of it, and now I LOVE having anal sex almost as much as traditional vaginal banging! Seriously, taking a wiener in the booty can be extremely pleasurable..and in this article I’m going to explain how all women, and men for that matter, can enjoy all the pleasures of anal sex without any of the pain!

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain3

Also, most chicks, including myself, are very scared about having anal sex because we worry about going “number 2” on our man’s wiener while he’s banging away on our booty, and we also worry about it how painful it could be. So today I’d love to share some booty banging tips with all of you couples out there thinking about trying anal sex for the first time.

Tips for Banging the Female Booty..Pay ATTENTION to Tips 4, 5 & 7!!!

Anal Sex Tips 12

Anal Sex Tip #1: #1-Start In The Slow Lane Dudes…

Anal Sex Tips 199

Listen guys, I know you’re going to be very excited the first time you enter your girl’s booty hole, and you may start going fast…DON’T DO THAT!!!

Make sure you go very slowly the first few times you have anal sex, and leave it up to your chick to tell you how fast or slow to go.

Anal Sex Tip #2: Ladies Decide When To Increase the Speed Limit!

Anal Sex Tips 111

I’m just repeating what I already stated above, but it’s very important that the lady with the big wiener in her buttonhole enforces the speed limit ion the Anal Sex Highway.

So ladies, don’t be quiet when having anal sex, make sure you go slow the first few times until you know exactly what speed feels the best.

Anal Sex Tip #3: Go #2 Before You Start So You Don’t Ruin Your Sheets!

Anal Sex Tips 110

Everyone needs to understand that when you play with the booty a “number 2” may come out and interrupt the party…so no one should be shocked or embarrassed if a “number 2” joins the party when you’re having anal sex.

The best way to help keep a “number 2” from messing things up in the bedroom is to go to the bathroom at least 2 hours ahead of time.

Anal Sex Tip #4: Lube Up For Some Foreplay!

Anal Sex Tips 144

The best way to start your anal sex adventure is to play with your lady’s buttonhole by licking and fingering it slowly for a good 10 to 20 minutes before you even think about sliding your wiener into her booty….and make sure that you use a LOT of ANAL LUBE during the foreplay process! Trust me, YOU CAN NEVER USE ENOUGH LUBE when taking a hard wiener up your booty!

Anal Sex Tip #5: If You Think You’ve Applied Enough Lube Then Apply More!

Anal Sex Tips 19

Seriously, make sure you have a LOT of personal lubricants for sex available for your anal sex adventures…and make sure you use a LOT of lube while having anal sex. Lube really is the key to making anal sex enjoyable for both the man and the woman…And again, make sure that the lube is always warm!

Anal Sex Tip #6: Don’t Go From The Booty To The Vagina…

Anal Sex Tips 1

It’s very easy for us ladies to get a UTI (urinary tract infections) from sex sessions where anal sex is involved because many guys don’t understand that it’s not a good idea to go into a woman’s vagina after already having it in her booty.

So guys, make sure to wash your wiener after you have anal sex with your lady before trying to insert it in her vagina.

And ladies, most guys have no clue about this, so make sure you tell your man to not play with your vagina after he’s feasted on the booty buffet you just served him.

Anal Sex Tip #8: Always Use Award Winning Personal Lubrication for Anal Sex!

Make sure you ALWAYS use ANAL LUBE when experimenting with anal sex! Trust me, anal sex is a heck of a LOT more pleasurable when your booty isn’t dry! And No Limits Sensuality’s Anal Lube Selections is the BEST place online to get your anal lube from!

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Anal Sex Tip #8: Start In The Doggy Style Position…

Anal Sex Tips 133

The doggy style position is the best position for all anal sex rookies to start in. I also think it feels the best anyway, and honestly, don’t try any positions you’ve seen in porn clips, those are pros, and they probably wish they only had anal sex in the doggy style position anyway.

Anal Sex Tip #9: Ladies Should Masturbate When A Wiener Is In Their Booty…

Anal Sex Tips 17

I always masturbate during anal sex for a couple of reasons: First, it feels really good, and second, it will take your mind off of any pain you will probably feel the first few times you have anal sex.

Anal Sex Tip #10: Don’t Get Too Drunk The First Few Times You Have Anal Sex…

Anal Sex Tips 18

This is for both men and women alike….if you’re too drunk you might get hurt for a number of reasons…you may go too fast, not use enough lube, or go from booty to vagina….I suggest no more than 1 to 2 drinks the first few times you attempt anal sex.

Anal Sex Tip #11: Be Super Clean Ladies Before and After…

Anal Sex Tips 16

Ladies please make sure you really wash your booty before having anal sex…and guys, make sure to really clean your wiener after anal sex. I love giving guys bus after they punned me from behind, and the cleaner I am before having anal sex will mean his wiener will taste better after we’re finished having anal sex.

Anal Sex Tip #12: Clip & File Your Finger Nails…

Anal Sex Tips 122

Okay guys, since you’ll be using your fingers to loosen up your lady’s booty please make sure your nails are clipped and filed so you don’t cut her butt hole….also, your nails should always be clipped and filed no matter what because long finger nails are super gross.

Anal Sex Tip #13: Not Everyone Is Going To Love Anal Sex, But Give It A Chance…

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Sex Without the Pain 2

Anal sex can be painful, messy, and scary the first few times, but it can also be fun, pleasurable, and exciting if you follow the advice that I’ve laid out in this article.

I hated anal sex the first few times trying it out, but now I really enjoy it, but it did take me a few times to figure it out…so I suggest that all of you ladies out there try having anal sex at least 5 times before calling it quits. And MOST importantly, and I SERIOUSLY cannot stress this enough, make sure to use one of No Limits Sensuality’s personal lubricants for anal sex so that you NEVER feel any pain while having anal sex!

Jenny’s Favorite No Limits Sensuality’s Anal Lube Selections!

No Limits Sensuality has such an AMAZING selection of anal lubes to choose from that you cannot go wrong with any anal lube you choose…butt with that said I have listed my 3 favorites below…

Moist Personal Lubricant – Backdoor Formula

Feeling is believing! The brand new 510(k) cleared Water-Based Personal Lubricant has been completely redevloped and is available in this premium formula! Designed to mimic the body’s natural lubrication, this lube is odorless, gentle on the skin, and formulated for long-lasting fun! Feel the difference!

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Relax Desensitizing Anal Lubricant – 17 Oz

Relax Anal Lubricant is a desensitizing lube that can help ease some of the potential discomfort associated with anal play. This silky smooth liquid keeps unwanted friction at bay and offers a light numbing effect to help keep things comfortable during backdoor exploration.

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Passion Anal Desensitizing Lubricant With Lidocaine – 8.5 Fl. Oz.

This mild desensitizing lubricant moisturizes for comfort and pleasure. Incredibly slick texture enhances enjoyment during anal penetration. Smooth, odorless, long lasting water-based lubricant will not dry out. Made in the USA!
Lidocaine 2.0 percent (numbing agent)

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